What is forró?

Forró is a lovely genre of music and dance from the Norteast Brazil. The dance has now spread out over the world especially to Europe. Read more about the dance and the music here.

The dance

Forró is a happy Brazilian couples dance with roots in the northeast of Brazil. The dance is sensual and has elements of open turns and in the closed embrace. Forró has a lot of different styles and one of them is a style called ‘roots’ which primarily stays in the closed embrace with a lot of playing with the legs. Another style of forró could be ‘forró universario’ which typically involves many turns. In the last decade the dance has become very popular in Europa, where dance festivals is held almost every weekend in different cities and countries. The forró environment is a casual and inviting one, where everybody can join regardless level or background you have.

The music

The forró music is traditionally played of a trio consisting of an accordion, a zabumba (a big drum) and a triangle, but now a days the instruments can vary a lot.