Forró Copenhague Association

We are a nonprofit organization driven by a group of forró passionated people. Our vision is to spread the love of forró and create a big and inviting forró environment in Copenhagen. We are working towards that by arranging weekly dance classes, around six workshops and four concerts every year. We couldn’t do it with out our lovely volunteers – thanks to you guys, without you the association was nothing.


Forró Copenhague is open for everyone, and you can always become a member of our association. The memberships offer the following:

  • Discount to almost all our events
  • Access to a lovely community with a lot of forró dancing people in Copenhagen and the environs near by
  • You are supporting our voluntary work, which makes it possible to improve and strength the forró environment, so it becomes bigger and even better than it is already


You can read more about the membership here.

The Board

We are a five board members and 2 suppleants.
Here is a little presentation of the Board of Forró Copenhague: