Beside our weekly classes we also organize dance nights, concerts and workshops with foreigner band and teachers. During the summer when the weather is nice, we also meet up and dance in the sunshine. You can always check our planned events out on our Facebook page.


Our goal is to organize six workshops per year, where we invite forró teachers from all over Europe to visit us here in Copenhagen. One day of workshop consist typically of a beginner workshop and an intermediate workshop. Booth workshops has a duration on 1,5 hour and is a great opportunity to get new inspiration and to work more deeply with some steps or technique than it is possible in the weekly classes.

Dance nights

We organize dance nights every third Friday at café Globen. At those nights our volunteers create a comfy and nice atmosphere with delicious forró music. We begin the night with a crash course by one of our volunteers. The crash course gives you a quick introduction to the basic steps of forró, so you are ready to enjoy a night on the dance floor.

Café Globen is a travel café driven by volunteers and takes place on Turesensgade 2B, 1368 København K.


Our goal is to organize around four concerts per year. Two concerts with our lovely local forró band Forró de Bicicleta and two concerts with foreigner bands. The concerts create an incredible atmosphere and energy where you can nothing but smile!