Learn how to dance with us

You are most welcome to join our classes. We have both a beginner’s class and an intermediate class. You don’t need to have neither dance experience or fancy cloth to dance with us. The only thing you have to do is to show up then we will take care of the rest – and we even promise you that you will leave with a smile on your face.

For all information about when and where our classes are, have a look at our Facebook page.

Do you wanna know more about the beginner class or the intermediate class? Check out the descriptions below.



Try out 
70 dkk

 No membership needed

The try out class is for you who haven’t tried one of our classes before. This price is only valid the first time you visit our classes.



Single class
90 dkk

 No membership needed 

A single class is for you who already know that you only will be able to join once in a while. You don’t need to be a member of our association to join the classes once in a while – but you are of course very welcome to become a member anyway.

Full Season
1200 dkk

+ membership of the association (100 dkk)

A Full Season is for you who can’t get enough of forró. With a season card you don’t need to bother with payments after very single class and you also save some money compared to the price for single classes. In this season consist of 18 dance lessons.

Beginners class

In the beginner’s class we start with the basics. First, we get to know the rhythms of the forró music, we get comfortable in the basic steps and we learn how to lead and how to be led. Later on, we continue with more variations and turns, but the most important is the understanding of the connection between leader and follower.

When you start to dance you are free to choose if you want to be a follower or a leader no matter what sex you have. You don’t need to bring a dance partner because we dance with each other and chance partners throughout the class. At times we also switch roles, so the leader becomes a follower and vice versa.

Intermediate class

In the intermediate class we are already familiar with the principles of forró. We continue with more complex and technical demanding variations and turns. We still work with the connection between follower and leader and how we can lead with the whole body. We build small choreographies and learn how to play with different combinations of the steps.

In this class you are also free to choose between dancing as a leader or as a follower. Just like the beginner’s class you still don’t need to bring a dance partner yourself, because we also dance with everyone in the class and change partners in this class. We still switch the roles so the leader once in a while becomes the follower and vice versa.