Welcome to
Forró Copenhague

We are a nonprofit organization which organize dance classes, workshops, dance nights and concerts in Copenhagen. The name of the dance is forró and so is the name of the music we dance to – easy enough so far, right?

What is Forró?

Forró is a happy Brazilian couples dance with roots in the northeast of Brazil. The dance is sensual and has elements of open turns and in the closed embrace. The forró environment is a casual and inviting one, where everybody can join regardless level or background you have.

    Photo by @photobyfjord

    Photo by @photobyfjord

Dance classes

We have dance classes every Wednesday and you are more than welcome to join. We have both class for beginners and one for intermediate You don’t need to have neither dance experience, a dance partner or fancy cloth to dance with us. The only thing you have to do is to show up then we will take care of the rest.

Workshops, dance nights and concerts

Beside our weekly classes we also organize dance nights, concerts and workshops with foreigner band and teachers. During the summer when the weather is nice, we also meet up and dance in the sunshine.

Forró Copenhague Association

We are a nonprofit organization driven by a group of forró passionateted people. Our vision is to spread the love of forró and create a big and inviting forró environment in Copenhagen. Everybody can join our forró family and become a member of the association.

Become a member

Forró Copenhague is open for everyone, and you can always become a member of our association. The memberships offer the following:

  • Discount to almost all our events
  • Access to a lovely community with a lot of forró dancing people 
  • Support our voluntary work, which makes it possible to improve and strength the danish forró environment